What’s the Best Way to Style a Patterned Stockings with a Conservative Dress for Work?

Dressing for work can sometimes feel like a chore, especially when the dress code leans more to the professional and formal side. How do you add your personal touch and demonstrate your fashion sense while still appearing professional? Well, here’s an idea – patterned stockings. Patterned stockings or tights add a classic, fashionable flair to a formal, business attire. Coupled with a conservative dress, they can create an elegant, on-trend look that is workplace-appropriate. Let’s delve into the best ways to pull this off.

The Right Dress

When it comes to wearing patterned stockings to work, the dress you choose is crucial. Consider your office’s dress code and the professional image you want to portray. A black dress often works best as it provides a neutral backdrop that allows your stockings to shine. It is also universally flattering and professional.

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Choose a dress that is knee-length or slightly above. This length provides enough room for the patterned stockings to be seen, and it is also appropriate for a business environment. The dress should have a conservative neckline and preferably have sleeves. This keeps the focus on your stylish stockings and maintains a professional look.

Ensure the dress’s style complements your body shape and the pattern of your stockings. For instance, a plain, fitted dress can work well with geometric or floral patterned stockings. It’s also essential to consider the dress’s texture. A dress with a smooth, matte fabric like wool or cotton pairs well with patterned tights.

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Choosing Your Patterned Stockings

The patterned stockings you choose can make or break your look. Grey, navy blue, or black patterned stockings are all safe choices for the formal business setting. They provide a pop of style without being too overwhelming.

When selecting patterns, consider the overall look you’re going for. If you want to add some subtle interest to your outfit, opt for stockings with a small, subtle pattern like polka dots or thin stripes. If you want to make more of a statement, you could choose stockings with a bold geometric pattern. However, remember that your tights should complement your dress, not compete with it.

Coordinating Your Shoes

A great pair of shoes can tie your outfit together. When wearing patterned stockings, your shoes should complement, not detract from your tights. In most cases, your safest bet will be a pair of black flats or heels. They are conservative and professional, and they won’t steal focus from your stockings.

On the other hand, if you want to add a little extra personality to your outfit, consider wearing shoes in a color that matches a hue in your stockings. For instance, if you have navy blue patterned stockings, you could opt for navy blue heels or flats.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

Accessories help to complete your look and add a personal touch. However, when wearing patterned stockings and a dress, you want to err on the side of simplicity.

A few well-chosen accessories can elevate your outfit without making it look too busy. A simple, elegant watch, for example, is a practical and stylish choice. A delicate necklace or a pair of small earrings can add a touch of femininity and polish to your look.

When it comes to bags, consider a structured handbag or briefcase in a neutral color. These styles are professional and versatile, and they won’t clash with your patterned stockings.

Final Touches: Makeup and Hair

Just like with your accessories, you want your makeup and hair to enhance your look, not detract from it. Opt for a simple, polished hairstyle – think sleek ponytails, straightened locks or a chic bun.

For makeup, stick to a natural, professional look. Think neutral eyeshadows, a hint of blush, and a natural lip color. Avoid bold lipstick or heavy eye makeup as these can make your overall look feel too busy when paired with patterned stockings.

In conclusion, pairing patterned stockings with a conservative dress for work is a stylish, yet professional fashion choice. With careful coordination of your dress, stockings, shoes, and accessories, you can make a fashion statement while still adhering to your office’s dress code. Remember, the key is to let your patterned stockings shine without your outfit becoming overwhelming. So, go ahead and experiment with patterned stockings – you might just find your new favorite work outfit.

The Art of Business Casual with Patterned Tights

The term business casual may seem contradictory, but it is all about striking the right balance between professionalism and personal style. This balance becomes even more delicate when adding patterned tights to the mix. While patterned tights can be a fun and fashionable addition to your work wardrobe, it’s crucial to pair them appropriately with other pieces to maintain a professional aesthetic.

Firstly, consider the office’s dress code. If the dress code veers towards business formal, then subtler patterns in darker hues like black tights would be a safer choice. On the other hand, if the dress code is more relaxed, you might have the flexibility to experiment with more vibrant colors and patterns.

Next, let’s talk about the dress. The dress best suited for patterned tights should be simple and elegant, usually in a neutral color. Opt for knee-length or midi dresses, and steer clear from mini skirts or dresses. Remember, the primary goal is to keep the focus on your patterned tights without distracting from your professional appearance.

When it comes to shoes, closed-toe options are a must for maintaining a professional look. Shoes with a matte finish or simple design that matches your dress color or complements your tights would work best.

Lastly, while accessorizing, less is more. Opt for minimal, well-groomed pieces that add to your look without making it look too cluttered. A simple necklace or a pair of stud earrings would do the trick. Avoid chunky, flashy pieces that might clash with the patterns on your tights.

Striking a Balance: Choosing the Right Patterned Stockings

Choosing the right patterned stockings can make all the difference in perfecting the balance between casual attire and professional decorum. When it comes to colors, darker shades like black or navy blue are always a safe bet. They exude professionalism while allowing you to play with subtle patterns.

As for the patterns, opt for smaller, more understated designs. Think minuscule polka dots, thin pinstripes, or subtle floral motifs. These add a touch of personality without being too loud or distracting in a business setting.

In terms of material, opaque tights are a popular choice. They offer more coverage and often look more professional than sheer or fishnet stockings.

Selecting the perfect patterned stockings is all about striking a balance. The stockings should add a hint of style and personality to your outfit but should not overshadow your overall professional look.


Dressing for work doesn’t have to mean abandoning your personal style. Even in a conservative business setting, there’s room to have fun with your wardrobe while still adhering to the dress code. Experimenting with patterned tights can be a great way to do this.

However, it’s essential to remember that professionalism is key. The right dress, a pair of sophisticated shoes, subtle accessories, and, most importantly, a well-chosen pair of patterned tights can elevate your work ensemble from mundane to stylish.

So, don’t shy away from patterned stockings. With the right dressing techniques, you can incorporate them into your work wardrobe and strike a balance between trendy and professional. Remember, fashion should be about expressing yourself and having fun, even in the workplace!